GED Exam Schedule & Test Information

GED Testing Rules

Students are required to follow the GED Testing rules in order to take the official GED Exams.

If you are not able to keep your scheduled test appointment please call 334-1508 to cancel your GED test.  Otherwise, you will be considered a “No Show” and not be allowed to test for up to 3 weeks.



1920 Capital Boulevard, Raleigh, NC 27604


AMOUNT: $35.00 ONE TIME TESTING FEE for new testers.

WHERE: Check in location (Student Lounge)

WHEN: Payments for testing will be collected on test day before each scheduled test.

HOW: Money Orders or Cashier’s Checks only. NO CASH ACCEPTED!

New testers who choose to pay in advance of testing at the Cashier’s Window at any

Wake Tech campus (other than the AEC) may pay with cash, check, money order,

credit or debit card. All receipts for testing must be in the name of the student taking the test.


1.)    Proper ID:  Current N.C. Driver’s License or N.C. Identification Card (Temporary licenses and ID cards issued by the DMV are not acceptable), Military ID, or Valid Passport with proper residency documentation (Rental Agreement/Lease, Utility or Cable Bill). Cell phone bills cannot be accepted as proof of residence.

NO FORM OF OUT-OF-STATE IDENTIFICATION WILL BE ACCEPTED. ID that has been taped, broken, or is unreadable is not acceptable according to GED Testing Service policy.

1.)    Appointment Card.

2.)    Receipt of payment (New testers only who paid prior to testing, receipt must be in the tester’s name).


PENALTY FOR NO SHOWS; There is no penalty for canceling on or before test date: HOWEVER,

1.)    The consequence for failing to cancel a test is a three week wait on further GED testing, including any tests previously scheduled.

2.)    When calling to cancel a test, you must call by midnight the day of the test and leave a message clearly stating your name, the test you are scheduled to take and the date and time of the test.  Call 334-1508 to cancel your GED test.



The GED is a high security test, and we must follow all requirements set by the GED Testing Service. A penalty resulting in suspension from GED testing decided by the GED Administrator will result if any of the following requirements guidelines are violated.

The following is a summary of these REQUIREMENTS:

1.)    No talking, whispering, or gesturing is permitted during GED testing.

2.)    The following items are not permitted in the GED testing room: Electronic devices, cell phones, watches, bags, pocketbooks, notebooks, books, calculators, pens or pencils. If you have any of these items during a testing session, you will not be allowed to test, and/or your test will not be scored.

3.)    All coats, hats, hooded jackets, “do” rags, and gloves must be removed and hung on the coat racks in the testing room.  Please dress in warm clothing because the testing room is usually cold.

4.)    No food, drink, or chewing gum is allowed in the testing room.

5.)    Only those items provided by the GED Examiner are allowed on your desk. Pens, pencils, paper, and calculators will be provided.

6.)    Do not write in, or make any marks in the test booklets.  Use the answer sheet and scratch paper provided. If a tester is observed writing or marking in an official GED test booklet, all testing materials will be collected, the tester will be excused from testing until the damage is assessed, and the test will be invalidated.  Students will be responsible for the cost of test booklet replacement if the test booklet is damaged.  (The cost of booklet replacement is $230.00)

7.)    There is no bathroom break during testing. If you have to leave the testing room before you finish your test, you will be unable to return to finish that test; we will score the incomplete test.

8.)    When you finish your test, remain in your seat, and raise your hand. We will collect your testing materials and allow you to sign out and leave.

9.)    If you arrive late for testing, do not enter the GED testing room and do not knock on the door. YOU ARE TOO LATE TO TEST!  Call (919) 334-1508 and leave a message for the GED Examiner.

GED testers are provided all materials needed for testing; therefore only those items will be in a student’s possession during testing.

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Setting Up the GED Wizard Account

Please watch the video before trying to set up the account.

The format for your userid is:  firstname.lastname.9digitsocialsecuritynumber@nc.non

The format for your password is:  abc+9digitsocialsecuritynumber (without the + sign)

This video works best when you have the “captions” turned on.   The “CC” can be found in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

YouTube Preview Image

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Official GED Exam Testing Schedule

CLICK HERE:  GED Exam Calendar

Effective January 2012 the GED Exams will be centralized at the Adult Education Center (AEC).

All official GED exams will be conducted at the AEC which is located at:
1920 Capital Blvd., Raleigh





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